Lời Bài Hát Karen – Yung Gravy

Lời Bài Hát Karen – Yung Gravy

Lời Bài Hát Karen – Yung Gravy


Gravy stole yo’ bitch
Boy that’s a disgrace
Playin’ tennis witcho’ girl
And that ass just got aced (Sports)
Gravy pull up to the club smellin’ like toothpaste
You a fuckin’ scrub and yo’ mom said you a fruitcake
Yo’ bitch pick Gravy like a goddamn appletree
Pullin’ fat hoes so they call me Yung Gravity
Had to pipe your mom but she look just like a manatee
If I hit yo’ granny then I hit the whole family
That’s a tragedy

Posted at your crib and I’m eatin’ all yo’ Snack Packs
Yo’ mama’s in the kitchen and she’s chefin’ up some flapjacks
I’m in your backyard steady bronzin’ out my asscrack
‘Bout as tan as akon yo’ mama had to smack that
But leave me alone she’s my best friend on SnapChat
Caught some dick pics just to get a little Snap Cash (Ching!)

Um, hey honey it’s mom
I was thinking we could have a little, uh
Thanksgiving style dinner tonight
Uh, Yung Gravy AKA Lil’ Steamer’s gonna be here
Uh, I think he might sit in your spot
But I can get you a pull-up chair
We got turkey, mashed potatoes, um
Of course a little gravy, heh
Always gotta have some of that gravy, hehe

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