Lời Bài Hát Suavecito – Yung Gravy

Lời Bài Hát Suavecito – Yung Gravy

Lời Bài Hát Suavecito – Yung Gravy

Pull up with the juice might splash like the ocean
riding in the coupe bumping gas and I’m coasting
sipping on the juice on the sauce on the potion
ya bitch came thru with a whole lotta lotion
souped up in the real smooth material
2% flex like the milk in my cereal
thats the cheerios
feeling so ethereal
I became ya dad that’s a mufucking miracle

See me running to that Guap , pockets got the guala
Bentley flip flops got me lookin like a balla Igoudala
Sippin in the morning lookin like a Alcoholic
But I’m not, I just wake up sip a cup and fuckin frolic
Gravy and yo bitch boutta smash like a comet
Pounds in my pockets and them pesos in my wallet
iPhone 5 but yo bitch tryna call it
Said she want the splash so I’m turning on the faucet

Cuddled up wit yo girl smokin on cabana
Me and DRAM wit yo mama lit in the Bahamas
damn she bad, she a bad mama jama
I’m in my pajamas getting topped up in the Honda
That’s the civic
Got these bitches livid
Gravy so exquisite when I pull up and I whip it
All these bitches tippin
I ain’t even stripping
Reflections off my wrist leaving em blinded leave em trippin

Pull up to new spot on
At the new lot, on the top won’t go to your boo’s spot it’s too packed it’s too hot

We would rather cool at mine shoot the breeze
fuck two times
We would rather do a line than wait outside

I don’t do lines

Overhead like rooftops
And blue skies and chem trails down to earth like green grass and pavements and trash cans

I been talkin’ trash
Please don’t wash my mouth with soap
Cause I be talkin’ cash
And that’s as dirty as it goes

Make it
Flip flip flip
Like three gymnastics at the first olympics In Greece and Athens

Yo hoe on the gravy train just thotin, that’s it

Hope your on the paper chasin’ not chasen that bitch

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