Video social network Tik tok is currently a trend today, tik tok is ranked first in application downloads globally. Owning a tik tok account with many followers, many followers of tik tok is not difficult will bring much efficiency. Each video from these follow-up accounts will have a lot of views, with thousands to millions of views.

However, not everyone can do it so easily, especially for those new to this Tik tok playground. Understanding that difficulty, we launched Lam Hoang Ads top quality prestige tik tok view increase service in Vietnam.

How does increasing view tiktok work?

Tik Tok is a lucrative market for business people to sell online, can take advantage of it to advertise their brand products. If you are not a business person, using Tik Tok is also a place for you to attract fans because the interaction on Tik Tok is terrible.

+ Help create credibility, create good image for customers and your fans.

+ Create more interactions on Tik tok videos.

+ Multi-view videos will be prioritized to reach many people, thereby helping your video have more views and more followers.

+ Increasing View Tik Tok helps to push your video up the trend, trend, frequency of your video continuously being approached and watched by many users many times.

Viewers and customers will ignore trust in tik tok videos that have too few views. If your video has many views, it will gain more trust with your audience and with customers. Helping you achieve the best performance with the lowest cost. Increase your view tik tok today, so that Lam Hoang Ads will have incentives for you!

The fastest way to increase Tik Tok video views today is an issue that is being sought by many young people.

Why does Tik Tok attract so many users?

If Facebook is getting more and more busy and Instagram is supposed to be a place where people show off their unreal splendor, TikTok app attracts young users by the opposite: Creating a place for people to enjoy exposing What is most true about me, not painting but deliberately chosen.

Representative of TikTok in Vietnam: We do not consider surpassing Youtube or Facebook as our destination, creating the best experience for new users is the number one priority.

According to SensorTower, TikTok now had 188 million new users in the first three months of 2019 and was the most downloaded app on the iOS store in the first quarter of 2019. App Annie also revealed, TikTok ranked 4th in the world in the most downloaded apps in the first quarter of 2019, behind only Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Whatsap.

The unique feature of TikTok is that it integrates a multitude of special effects, music and stickers with AI technology, creating a life for the videos through the use of motion detection software of the child’s body. people. One of the most popular features is lip syncing, which appears on social networking sites.

It is these unique factors that help TikTok become a strange dish for users. On this app, users can create fun, entertaining videos and post them on the platform as a way to express themselves.

Basic ways to increase follow Tik Tok

Attractive profile

Write your personal profile, write down the topics you will share on Tik Tok. Use attractive and eye-catching featured images. Doing so will attract first-time viewers to your profile on Tik Tok

Use trend hashtags

Capture the latest and trending music videos or songs on the internet. Use the hashtags of these songs to make your videos on Tik Tok more popular. Hashtags are always great for connecting videos on the same topic.

Create your own TikTok videos

Do not try to take someone else’s video and post it back on your Tik Tok account. Create your own video, because only your own will make you more attractive.

Use soundtracks that match the video

Soundtrack is also known as background sound for video. These are music clips that are incorporated into the video to make the video more vivid. So when choosing a soundtrack to join the videos you have recorded, it should be appropriate.

Because audio and visual content compatibility makes the video results more engaging. For example, you put a funny music into the video you are dancing, do not put sad sound in the video but shoot you dancing.

The quality of the video TikTok is high

Use a high-quality camera to record videos, or use your smartphone to record videos. But pay attention to video quality must meet HD standards or above. Do not create a video with poor picture quality.

Because viewers will quickly drop you when your video is of bad quality.

Should post video regularly (time frame posting)

It’s not about posting multiple videos in a day, but posting videos regularly. You need to choose time frames for video posting each day. Even one video a day is better than posting so many videos a day and leaving nothing to post after that.

The regular video appearance every day helps you reach more people who have just joined on Tik Tok.

Stay engaged with your followers on tik tok

You want to increase followers for Tik Tok, you need to keep regular interaction with your followers. Always respond to comments on videos. On the other hand, you also need to spend some time watching videos of your followers and also commenting on them. This is like making friends that require reciprocity to be stronger.

Buy amount of follow tik tok

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Service increase view video tik tok Lam Hoang Ads

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Frequently asked questions:

Can I record TikTok via computer?

This is not possible, it can only be done through the app on your phone

Which has been the best use of hashtags?

Enter the hashtags you think of in the search bar, use only the name (without the # sign). Then you’ll see how many views that particular hashtag has. You will also immediately see relevant hashtags right here.

Where does Tik Tok’s revenue come from?

Tik Tok revenue currently comes from two main activities, including: Displaying advertisements, helping businesses create ads like normal videos. According to statistics, the average price per impression on Tik Tok in China is 1 Yuan

How to register an account and use Tik Tok like?

By heart, what is the concept of Tik Tok, then let’s refer to the instructions on how to register and use the social network Tik Tok in the most effective way

How to use the Tik Tok application?

How to use Tik Tok today is quite simple, most people, after successfully downloading and registering Tik Tok, can easily get acquainted with this application by its intuitive and quite simple interface