3 Lyrics Bad Bunny English

Thanks, thanks, hey
Thanks to everyone who believed in me since the first day
Since before I came out with a label
Since before they knew what you already knew
That I’m the best at this and that I’d become
An idol for big and small
Thanks to all my dominicans and my people in Puerto Rico
Everything I achieve, I dedicate to you
Although sometimes you don’t understand me and there are things I don’t explain, hey
Being different feels great
But it feels better to always act from your heart
There are a few real people, I know who they are
But time doesn’t fail and it always is right, hey
Like me, I’ve never failed a song
They won the lottery, I was their best investment
Better than you and him, hey, because I do it with passion
‘Cause I dreamt about it a thousand times inside my room
Grandma, bless, today I achieved another goal, heh
It went great, I don’t know if you saw me at the Super Bowl
I don’t play basketball, but I’m a satar
That’s why they invite me to play with them
My flow is NBA, hey
I don’t wanna be a God, I don’t wanna be a king
If everyone wants to be me, everyone wants my DNA
They write me a paragraph and I reply “Okey”, hey
¿You what, asshole? Nah, don’t fuck with me, man
If LeBron is LeBron with 23 or with 6
By the way, I saw him yesterday, he was with me on stage
Give me a break, I’m talkin’ with Triple H
‘Cause I don’t break records, I make a dent in them
This record is great, I did it for you, hey
And in nine months I’ll come back and release another one
To retire quietly like Michael Cotto
Although later I’ll be in my house, alone and bored
And although my best tracks haven’t come out yet
But, being real, people, I don’t even sleep anymore
And this fame thing even got me sick
Thanks to dad and mommy for all the scoldings
Thanks to you I’m the same one every year
I remember, punished I’d go to bed
That’s why now that I’m older I do whatever I want, yeh