2 lyrics Mom Tudie

[Verse 1: Byulah]
Don’t know what you’re doin’ with your time
No spoke of a life in a while
You’ve been softly on my mind
And I don’t, and I don’t
Far too long I’ve been silenced
Voice is like a caged bird and I don’t wanna go home
Sometimes let me fly, oh
Sometimes let me fly

[Chorus: Byulah]
Why inside must there be two?
Leave me alone now
Why inside must there be two?
Always fightin’, fightin’

[Verse 2: Byulah]
Don’t make everything so undefined
Never needed to make you losе your mind
Though I struggled to understand
Though I’ve triеd to make amends
You’ll never look me in my eye
Maybe that’s why you scare me
Our lives are turned to face you
Turning one inside out